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5 Signs You Are Dating A Married Woman.

When dating, you can fall for any lady. Mostly, men fall for ladies because they want someone to be with them and feel that they are loved. Despite most ladies being single, some women tend to go outside their marriage to search for single men who will have time with them with their charming power they have. Dating a married woman who is a wife to somebody, has negative reputation and might lead to serious problems.

These are the signs:

1. A married lady won't be comfortable calling or texting her, but she will suggest that she be the one to make any call or text you when you have to talk about anything through the phone. This is because you might call or text her when she might be with her husband, hence ruining her marriage.

2. She avoids calls and texts during wee hours because she knows she has her husband by her side. During this time, she might also switch off or flight mode her phone so that calls and texts don't go through.

3. A married woman is never jealousy because she knows she is married and thus being with you is short term. Even if she sees you with another lady, as long as you do what she wants, she won't be bothered to inquire about her.

4. A married woman always keeps controlling everything, she decides on when to meet, where and the time you two should spend. This is because she knows when her husband is at home and how long it takes him to be back when he leaves the house.

5. A married woman doesn't like being seen in public with the man she is rolling with. This is because some people who know her might tell her husband and thus can't risk this.

Is it right to date a lady who is married?

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