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5 tips to live a happy and a meaningful life

1.make peace with your past;let go of the past and embrace the present.keep yourself active,make yourself happy and enjoy the present.Distance yourself from the people that remind you the past, disconnecting yourself from them will give you chance to think positive and plan your future peacefully.

2. End all excuses and complaints;take 100%responsibility of your mistakes, stop blaming others and work on your weaknesses and focus on the strengths.sometimes the excuses you are making ,stops you from achieving.

3.set yourself clear goals,commit to them and work on them consistently; be specific on what you want to achieve and make sure it is something you can achieve by the process take small steps ,learn from others who are successful

4.spend time on solitude,read,write and visualize; this will help you to learn more about yourself(the dislikes and likes) ,Know what you really want in life and make yourself comfortable with who you are.Being alone also boosts your creativity i.e writing.

5. End all toxic is important to recognize when it is the time to walk away from toxic people,this will help you understand yourself better, makes you more Happy, more confident and more compassionate.will also help you focus on following your dreams and goals and being able to set priorities.

6.Take your health seriously;eat what is good for your health workout when needs to, having good healthy has many positive effects, your skin will glow and your energy levels will be higher.

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