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What Women Do That Turn Men Off

You might have liked a guy then suddenly he starts distancing himself.You were probably wondering why he did that,and here are your answers.

1.Being indecisive.

Indecisiveness can really be a bad thing,especially if a man trusts you to make your own decisions.Saying yes and immediately following it with a no will give a bad impression since it brings you out as someone who doesnt know what she wants.Men like women who know what they want and are willing to take charge if need be.

2.Making everything all about herself.

Well,men also want to be heard.Its not all about you everytime.You want to tell your guy how your day was,or your problems and expect him to be attentive but when it comes to his side you dont want to hear it.This makes a relationship one sided,making the man to loose interest.

3.Constant drama in the relationship.

As you well know,men dont like drama.They therefore are not willing to put up with if,especially if your hotness and drama are inversely proportional.The hotter you are,the more likely the guy will put up with the drama,but still,men have breaking points.Just reduce the drama,it helps.

4.Constantly on their phones.

Women develop emotional attachments to their phones,but it can be frustrating to your husband or boyfriend if you are constantly on social media.Men also do need attention,but not as much as females do.I'd therefore advice being available to him when he is around and minimise being on phone.

5.Being egoistic.

Men love to be respected,and any show of arrogance is one big turn off.Your attitude towards him means a lot to him.Men are generally attracted towards the more intelligent and smart ladies,but respect is one thing that will make him marry you,or date you for 8 years and finally marrying someone else.Men like to have peace of mind.

There you have it ladies.Dont do these,and you will see him cherishing you more and more.

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