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Three Surest Ways to make a difficult Lady fall in love with you

Photo courtesy: Love matters Kenya

Winning the heart of a lady is just a trial and error game because the lady whom you love might have no feelings in you.

As a man if you love a lady and she don't respond back just know that she doesn't see a future with you due to some reasons known to her.

If you want to make such Lady easily fall in love with you do the following:

1.Make sure you change her perception about you from negative to positive by being friendly to her and visiting her always till she feels you.

2.Be real, Don't lift your status so high yet the lady knows you well. Majority of ladies love men who don't fake anything so just explain yourself the way you are and she may consider you.

3.Change your behaviour, A lady may reject you because of your bad behaviours hence make sure you make a positive achievement to win her attention.

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