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5 Main Reasons Why You Miss Your Ex Lover

You might find a person in a relationship after breaking up with their former lovers, but still think of them. Today in this article we are going to discuss reasons why some people miss their exes.

1. You are bored.

Many people tend to miss their exes, especially when they are lonely and have no one around then to entertain them or make them happy either. This comes in, especially when the person you broke up with was much more jovial, and you mostly had happy moments together that can't be easily forgotten. This makes one to miss his or her ex much more.

2. support.

In most relationships, most ladies tend to depend much on their men for financial support for purposes of making their hair and nails, buying new clothes, shoes, and handbags. After a breakup with such supportive people, it becomes more stressful and hard for someone to move on. A lady will always be thinking about his supportive ex-boyfriend after moving on with another guy who isn't supportive enough.

3. You miss the person you used to be with.

People always miss their exes and the moments they used to be together. When dating, partners tend to be much into one another and become used to each other to an extent that one cannot be comfortable lacking the other. Things like watching together, listening to the same music, doing house chores together strengthens the bond between lovers. After a breakup, one will tend to be more lonely and will always miss that person you always used to be with.

4. Attention.

For a relationship to be more healthy, attention should be paid to one another. A man should always have time for his lady, and the lady should also be available whenever her man needs her. This reduces the issue of cheating band unfaithfulness. When you break up with a person who used to give you total attention, and you move on with another person who pays little or no attention to you, you will end up missing your ex who was better.

5. Future.

Everyone wishes to have a greater and brighter future in their life. In most relationships, people tend to promise each other greater things that will make them feel more comfortable in their relationships. For example, a man will promise his lady a big beautiful house, high-income earning business and much luxurious life. People tend to love more hard-working partners, since this makes them feel that such a person may have a better future. After breaking up, one may fall in love with another person who has no future and talks about nothing positive that may be of great impact in their life. This makes one to start thinking about his or her ex and start missing them.

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