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3 Signs You Are Dating a Hypocrite Woman.

3 Signs You Are Dating an Hypocrite Woman.

Sometimes we date just people who we are not even sure are supposed to be dated. Like, how can you tell that someone is ready to be dated?

According to the research we did in regards to this, most women are not ready to settle down for dating.

They still want to spend their lives enjoying the life instead. As a guy, it can be difficult to understand that you are dating the wrong person.

Therefore, based on that, we have released this article to help you know what to do exactly and what you are required to know.

Let's not take much time in the introduction, here are the signs of dating a hypocrite woman who you should let go:

1. She doesn't care about how you feel.

A good partner is expected to care so much about the other person. And at some point, they are required to even go an extra mile to understand the needs of the partner.

A problem comes in when someone seems not to care about you. What she cares most is her own needs.

Such a woman, is never ready to settle down for a relationship. They still wants to enjoy life entertaining themselves.

Guys, if you are currently dating such a woman, then the best thing to do is to let her go because she has nothing to do with you.

2. She doesn't like your friends.

Friends are the best part of our lives and they help us grow into what we want to be. They will also direct us on who suits to be dated.

Now, a problem comes in when a woman who found you existing with your friends, now wants to be the cause for you to separate from your friends.

Like, guys who does she think she is? Never tolerate such a woman because what she only wants to do is to make your life miserable.

She wants you to leave your friends then later she also leaves you. By that, you will be left alone.

If you currently deal with such a woman, then the best thing to do is to let her go as soon as possible to avoid wasting your own time.

3. She doesn't listen to you.

Guys, we always need those ladies who will listen to us when we speak, not those who will oppose everything we say.

Listen to this, a man is the person with authority in any relationship. Without a man, there can never be a relationship.

Or, without a man having to give instructions, the relationship can never survive. Therefore, guys let's be sure that you will always date a woman who will listen to you.

Again, we say, never date a woman who cannot listen to you. You will only stress yourself for no good reason.

We hope it makes sense to you. Follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like, share and comment.

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