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5 reasons you can not afford to have a side chick

Having a committed relationship or marriage does not kill the tendencies to be attracted to other women. Sometimes. you may even find yourself having to deal with more of these attractions after you have tied the knot.

1.You loose your family

The risk of having all the family you care about yanked away is one thing to think about every time you are tempted to go astray.Not only would you lose your girlfriend/wife, but if you had kids, you would lose them too. I personally don’t believe there’s an orgasm great enough to trade for my family. Because family and legacy is all we have in this world.

2 .You lose money

Cheating is a very expensive habit. Keeping a side chick costs quite a lot.side chick requires maintenance. Every dollar you spend on her when it comes to food, gifts, drinks and gas, you’re subtracting that from the investments that can be made in your business and the food that goes into your families mouths. 

3. You are wating your time.

4. You loose respect

5. You loose everything

Everything you have ever worked for, ever built is at stake when you decide to play this game. It really isn't worth it.

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