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Husband and wife relationship

Undeniable Signs That She Is A Wife Material

1. She has the ability to stay with a broke man.

Any wife material can tolerate a broke man. They don't care that their men won't buy them expensive gifts and take them to dinner dates. Some of them even give their boyfriend money so that they can start up a business.They strongly believe that everything will be good in future.It is undeniable that a lady who reject a broke man will always jump from one man to another .This is because they are looking for that one with more money.

2.A wife material must know how to cook.

This is the second thing a man will look in a lady after being attracted by her beauty. She needs to know the right ingredients and the quantity for each meal. A man will find it difficult to leave a woman who knows how to cook like chefs in 5 star hotel. She must know how to cook both modern and traditional foods.

3.She is not a party girl.

It is obvious no one would like to marry a lady who will be partying every friday.If she drinks and sleeps at the club couch she's not the one. She should be that type of a lady who likes watching movies,sleeping ,playing games and reading novels. Many of the ladies who go to clubs are cheats and cannot be trusted either. She will be leaving you at night and go to club with her friends.

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