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Wanaume Jua Siri. Find Out Why Single Women Date Married Men

Why do single women find married men attractive and decide to date them? Well, according to a credible source single women tend to date married men more than single guys because of the following reasons.


As stated by, marriage comes with responsibilities and married men are already used to paying bills unlike single men. According to the source, married men are already used to being responsible because he will always show up at your place with some milk, bread and sugar as he does for his family.

Financial stability

According to, in comparison to single men, majority of married men have a financial plan to secure their families financially and single women find this trait of married men providing for their families very attractive, which is an assurance to them that he can provide for her what she wants.

To boost her self-esteem

As stated by a single woman feels powerful, more pretty and her self-esteem gets the desired boost when she is dating a married man. This is because if the married man is making efforts to be with her rather than his wife then that means she is of more importance.

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Wanaume Jua Siri


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