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Why You Need To Date Your Partner Before Marriage

Dating will give you both a chance to learn each other.Know each other's behavior,likes and dislikes, cultural background, religion and so much more.As you know both of you grew up in different environments, you therefore need sometime to be able to understand one another.Here are some reasons why you need to date for atleast one year before getting married.

1.It gives you both humble time to get to know each other_dont just rush into marriage before knowing each other well.That marriage may not last long.Date for atleast one year,it will help you both understand each other such that when you get married, you will have a good life.

2.It will help you make the right decisions_dating for atleast one year will make you make sound decisions about your future, like is this partner right for you or not.lf not then just walk away.

3. It will help you get to know the background of your partner before you marry_ it's good to understand the background of your partner, especially if you want to get married to them.Maybe they are not of the same tribe as you are.So take your time to get to know his/her background well before marriage.

4. It will increase your trust in each other_ dating for atleast one year will help bring trust between the two of you.Marriage is based on trust between the wife and the husband.

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