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3 Signs That Your Relationship Is Headed For Marriage

Many relationships rarely end up in marriage. This is because most people date just for fun without considering the feelings of the other partner. It is always hurtful when you realize that the person you have been dating all along has no intentions of marrying you. It is very devastating. However, before you get to the point of being disappointed, you can tell that your partner wants to spend his/her life with you.

Here is what will tell you this.

1. Your partner will introduce you to their family. This is always one of the greatest steps in a relationship. If a person is having it casual with you, there will be no need of introducing you to their parents. So if you have met with your partner's family, be sure your relationship is headed the right way.

2. If your partner openly shows love gestures to you in front of their friends. Friends have the deepest secrets of a person and they will always know when one of their own loves a person sincerely. They also know the number of people you date and so being introduced and being friends with your partner's friends is a great relationship achievement.

3. If your partner pays attention to your thoughts and words. A relationship is all about understanding each other and this will be needed more in marriage. If your partner does listen to your opinions, then it is a sign your relationship will turn to a prosperous marriage.

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