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Divorce Affair

If you notice these changes in your partners behavior then know your relationship is in danger.

How to know of your partner is cheating on you.

When it comes to men, it's easy to know if he is cheating on you and if you know your partner well, you will realize it immediately it starts to happen.

When your man starts to come home late and changes the way he touches you then you have to know that there is another lady. If you realize that he have changed his pattern or phone lock password then it's obvious there is another woman trying to take him away. When he doesn't take dinner, stops to call you the good and nice names he used to call you then it's obvious he is cheating. When it comes to men it's very easy for one to know if there is another person in his love life. When it comes to women it's hard to know if she is cheating. Women can cheat for years and the man never to know. They have a way of covering their tracks in a way that the man will not know. All in all we should try to be honest with our partners, you are together because you decided to. So try to respect each other and love each other the way you did the first time you laid eyes on each other.

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