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6 Hurtful Signs That Actually Show Your Partner Loves You

The question they ask

Sometimes when your partner asks you a question, they do not really want to hear the answer or they may just be confirming what they already know. In most cases one should answer such question first before asking for an answer from their partners.

Estrangement in reply to estrangement

Love relationship has some happy and sad time too. Sometimes the love increases when the partner's feelings are light up and the love may decrease when every day's life problems start to exert pressure influence. However if your partner demands some alone time to relax or just a break, do not think that this is the end. A break is very healthy for a relationship and people learn a lot from them like the value of their loved ones.

Spending leisure time apart

Its most likely that partners have different hobbies and interests and due to this, sometimes they may not spend time together. This should not worry them because such moments are also needed in a relationship because they can't just stay together all day, they need something to freshen up their minds and keep the relationship pressure off for a while. At the end of the day they will actually have something to talk about.

Distancing after quarrels

Quarrels and disagreement are attributes of a relationship; this is how we learn about each other's traits and other things. You do not expect to reconcile immediately after quarrels. We all need time to calm down and to consider our feelings and the words we blurted out. We need to solve issues when we are in our good moods.

Constant preaching

Sometimes your partner may act like they know what is best for you in terms of talent and abilities. They may even tell you what to do but take a closer look. Perhaps they are just sure that you are capable of more or think you were wrong to bury your talent. 

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