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7 Reasons Why Guys Leave Their Women That You Should be Keen With

I will take you through reasons that mostly lead to separation in a relationship. Pay attention to each point.

1. Unfaithfulness

This is one of the major problem in a relationship. This really causes anger and disappointment in a relationship. When you man falls in love to another woman, he may part with you just to stay with the new thing. This is normally the case when you are staying far away from your guy which makes it difficult for two of you to meet.

2. Not comfortable with the bed game

The bed game brings happiness in a relationship. In case this misses out then sadness and stress sets in. This is achieved when the you greatly induce this happy condition in your lover. When your man is not enjoying this game with you then it means he will proceed to find happiness elsewhere probably with another woman.

3. Being unattractive

Men like it when their wives are more attractive to them. This means she must know how to plan for her dressing code, hair style and maintain the cleanliness. One this is not seen in you any more,your guy will no be free to even take a walk around with you. When the behaviour is persisted then he will leaves your for that attractive woman out there.

4. Lack of excitement

A relationship should be active and full of humour to ensure no one gets pissed off due to seeing bored. When this excitement is not there then you will always stay away from each other. This will mean that your man is interacting with other women friends who may also fall in love with him. Though the avoidance of boredom is a responsibility by both you, it is also one of the major reason why your man will stay away from you.

5. Not showing respect to him

Respect is a two way thing in marriage. Respect your wife and this will cause her to respect you too. When you don't have respect then, the interest your partner has in you will be lost. This may expose your companionship to separation that cannot be recovered any more.

6. Becoming more successful.

Some men feel ashamed when their women succeeds more than them. They fear that they will be undermined and be discriminated by their partners. Due to fear of this they separate with their ladies.

7. You don't appreciate him

Always appreciate your man for loving you and taking care of you always. Be easy to say thank you when you receive a gift from him or any assistance he has done to you. Lack of this will kill you husbands morale to stand with you and he may loose hope in you as well.

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Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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