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Signs That She Is Still Weighing You and Not Ready To Marry You Anytime Soon

Sometimes its difficult to tell if the person you are dating is serious or not. Some people fall in love with the wrong people who are not even serious for their feelings or who are not ready to settle in life with them.

There are some certain signs that will help you know if your partner is just playing with your feelings and not ready to marry you anytime. Sometimes, someone may be weighing you with the other to know who is the best for them. Below are some of the signs to know if the person is not serious at


1.Takes you for granted.

You will know that a person is not serious when they take you for granted. This means they don't consider you to be the first priority in their lives at all. They only realize your presence when you are there.

2.Doesn't care about your feelings.

You may express your love feelings for them but they never take them serious. When you notice this sign,please move away.

3.You feel you are forcing yourself on them.

Its only you that starts a conversion, either a phone call or a text,if not they can't call or text at all.

4.Have never introduced you to their close relatives and friends.

If you even dont know their close friends or have never talked to their parents,then you may be an option in their lives.


In most cases, these people never tell the truth. They do a lot of things behind your back.

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