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Ladies, Keep Your Lover By Observing The Following secrets-Opinion

1. Don't expose your husband's weaknesses to your friends and family for whichever the case. It is a sign of disrespect. You came in to build a family, not to spy on him!

2. Never compare your king with other men, you have no idea what their lives is made of. This will make your man feel underated, and his love for you will deteriorate as a result.

3. Never mistreat your husband's friends simply because you have got negative attitudes towards them, the person who is supposed to get rid of them is him. After all, they maybe more important to him than you thought.

4. Remember that your husband married you, not anyone else. Your husband is your responsibility. Always perform duties entitled to you for your man, or else the maid may end up taking your position as a wife in the house!

5. Don't be quick to blame your husband for coming back home late or empty handed. Seek the reason for such an action politely, and encourage him if the excuse is genuine.

6. Never pretend to be feeling unwell for the purpose of denying bedtime action. Sex is very important to men. Regular excuses from you will see another woman take off your duties. You must give it to him the way he wants.

7. At no time should you compare your husband with any of your ex-lover in bed if there is. This will make you unsettled, and your marriage will never recover from it if you do.

8. Avoid shouting and challenging your man in front of children. You should be a good example to your kids and a wise lady to your lover.

9. Don't forget to check the dress code and outlook of your husband before he leaves for daily chores.

10. Don't be in a hurry in the bathroom and in the dressing room. Take your time, be pretty and presentable. Out there there are women surrounding your husband and maybe decent if you are not, they may end up stealing his feelings.

Ladies, create an impressive woman out of yourself. Your husband should not find an excuse of cheating in your relationship. Simply observe the above points to be perfect!

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