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Signs You are Not Ready for a Relationship

If you are wondering "Am l ready for a relationship? Then this article will help you determine just that.

Herr are signs you arr not read6for a relationship ;

1•You are not over your ex _ lf you don't take the necessary steps to heal from the relationship you won't be able to connect to the new man in your life and the relationship won't last.So ,if you haven't properly processed,discarded and healed from your last relationship then you arr not ready for a new one yet.

2•You worry about the opinion of others _The most destructive thing you c8donto yourself is to get into a result because of your family men who love to remind you that you are getting older or your friends who constantly set you up with guys they believe you are cute.

Entering a relationship due to outward pressure is not only unfair forthe guy who may have genuine feelings for you,but also a sign 8insecurity.

3•You allowyour insecurities to control you_Low self esteem and insecurities can really play a game on our minds.Whenever you listen to your inner critic,without questioning your negative thoughts you are at risk to be control by them. That's why the beli5that a relationship will validate you or give you worth is one of the most underrated but dangerously signs that you are not ready for a relationship. And one way to know if that is you is by asking yourself where you believe that you need a man to be happy and enjoy your life.

4•You lack vision _ Without an idea of what you need and want from a man and a relationship, you will invest (waste) time in relationship that are unfulfilling and going nowhere. You will date men in cities you don't intend to live in,you will date men that want a stay at home wife even though you love working and will date men that don't want to get married until their latr 30s,even though you desire to be a young wife/mother.

That's why if you only date for the sake of dating wi8a purpose behind it, its a clear sign that you are not ready for a relationship,yet.

5•You idolize marriage _ The truth is relationships are not a cure for loneliness. Even though love,affection and companion are noble things to desire, they arenot the answer to your feeling of dissatisfaction and will not fill your void.

If you unhappiness and desperation to be the decision maker you will repeatedly get into relationship with the wrong men and find yourself heartbreak more often than necessary.

Did any of the signs that you are not ready for a relationship resonate with you? If yes, then ask yourself 'Do l want a relationship, or lam just lonely. Once you identity your core beliefs about what being single and what being in a result means you will know what you have to work on

So focus on getting ready and leave a comment in the comment section below and please share these article to bring in more discussions thanks.

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