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Women Who Work At Night Reveal How Men Are Blackmailing Them After Turning To Online Services

A number of twilight girls have called upon the director of criminal investigations to look into an incident that is currently happening in their line of duty where they have accused a number of men for allegedly Conning them.


While expressing their challenges, Rose not her real name who is a mother of two has revealed that she is currently having a hard time due to the fact that they have been forced to turn to online jobs due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that has made their life hard.

According to the reports given by Rose, she said that at times one gets good clients who often pay them well adding that it's often comforting since they do their job at home. However, she revealed that some men make their work hard by not paying them due to blackmail.

"I have children who i feed and at the same time bills to pay, they don't know what i do but as a good parent, i do all i can to feed and provide my children. A few days ago, a man requested me to offer my services online and after i did, he secretly recorded me and refused to pay",she said.

Reports given by Rose have revealed that a number of men who often do this later on turn on to black mail where they order them to offer their services or else get exposed by the secretly recorded videos.

"I had a session with a man who recorded me and later exposed me online. I have children who are currently traumatized and in as much as I'm not in this kind of business, i often get my videos being sent to me", Former twilight girl said.

Due to this reason, they have urged the director of criminal investigations to give them some sort of protection that they can use against thee men.

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