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One of the biggest problems in relationships today

Relationship is a very important part of human life. It involves two parties, a gent and a lady who makes an agreement to be partners.

Relationship should be treated with a lot of trust. Once the trust from either of the party is lost, it becomes too difficult to repair the broken relationship.

In the past, people used to value their relationship because it was mainly meant for marriage. But today, many people don't value it. There's a lot of cheating in most relationships.

The common cause of mistrust in today's relationship is the existence of mobile cellphone and the social media. People spend a lot of time on their phones and gives a very little attention to their partners. It is through social media where people are meeting new friends and trying to make another relationship, thus cheating begins.

In the past when social media wasn't around, such cases of cheating were very rare. It could only happen if you meet in a seminar or you travelled to another part of the country. It would not last because there were no cellphones.

Have a look at the pictures in this article. People are trying to see what their partners are doing on phone. This has caused many people to commit suicide, others killing their partners, while others breaking up.

Fellow reader, please value your relationship. Don't waste someone's time if you know that you won't stay with him or her for long.

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