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Why do some people show-off?

It seems bragging has become increasingly the norm,some of what could be perceived as showing off.And some of the most common post are frequent selfies,photos of newly acquired money,photos of their highly prized new possessions and photos of their perfect relationships.

Moreso,people who show off do not do it out of thin air,there is always a deep reason as to why they do it.Which include


The most common reason for showiness is feeling insecure.Generally low self esteem and a general lack of awareness can make one become a show of just to get attention from people.Most will use material things to impress others as they seek acceptance within the group or society.This kind of acceptance is considered superficial.On the contrary,when one is confident with how he /she is,they don't need to demonstrate it.It comes off just naturally.

2) sexual instinct

Some people want to look attractive to the opposite sex,and trying to impress others is a kind of ritual in engendering a sexual response.For instance, psychologists have noticed that people tend to use more sophisticated vocabulary in the presence of an attractive member of the opposite sex,the same is true for wearing make up, expensive jewelry and wearing revealing clothing or showing off ones physique.Over- relying on these measures of ones value is dangerous because it will inevitably lead to disappointment at some point .

3 Manipulation

Some people think showing off may help them manipulate preferential treatment from others to make them feel more important,but real importance is by living a positive,constructive life,caring for others the way you would like to be cared for or treated.

Lastly,some people may not be showing off but it's the observer who might be perceiving it the wrong way.It happens alot to some people but the society doesn't care to admit.Thank you.

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