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Qualities in a Good Friend

There are several qualities in a friend. A friend should give support and security and a friend should also be fun to be around .

Sometimes we can have faults ,like anyone else and sometimes it is hard to overlook them. A friend can't be dropped because he/ she has faults. A friend sticks with you even in bad times.

There is a saying that " a friend in need is friend in deed". I believe and this means that there are good friends and fair-weather friends. The second type is not a true friend since he/she is the kind of person who runs when there is trouble. Friends don't always cost a lifetime. Someone you believe to be your best friend may lose contact with you if you move to a different area or go around with a different group of people. A friend should be generous and understanding.

A friend does not have to be exactly like you . Sometimes friends are opposite but they still like each other and get along . Considering all these questions, I can't say I have many friends but these are the qualities I believe a friend should have..

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