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Divorce Affair

4 Things That Makes Women Dissatisfied In A Relationship

Women are very delicate human beings and you should handle them with alot of care. Before getting in any relationship with a woman you should first understand her likes and dislikes and whether you are compatible. When a woman is not satisfied in a relationship then it can lead to cheating or divorce. Below are things that make women dissatisfied in a relationship.

1. Mismatch in life ambitions. Life ambitions of a woman may be different from that of her partner for example if she wants to further her education by studyingmasters degree or even PhD while her partner is just a undergraduate degree holder and he is not of the opinion to further his education.

2. Financial challenges. If as a man you cannot provide for the family then your woman will lose interest in you. She wants to be given money to go to salon to make her hair and nails and if she doesn't get the money then she will go and look for someone who will give her money.

3. Failed promises. When men are dating and convincing women to get in a relationship with them, they tend to give alot of promises. Once men fail to fulfill these promises women feel dissatisfied.

4. Domestic abuse. Every Woman wishes to have a peaceful home and a partner who will always make her happy. When these partners turn out to be violent and abusive, women feel betrayed and dissatisfied.

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