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Things women do that push men away

Both men and women get irritated with some behaviours of their partners. Some bad behaviours go to the extent of becoming the reason for breaking of the relationship. As two people who are in a relationship, its advisable that everyone needs to know the likes and dislikes of his or her patner to avoid an misunderstandings. Below are some of the bahaviours in women that push men away.

1. Unfaithfulness in a relationship

Men don't like women who go around sleeping with different men as it means they are cheap and don't respect themselves.

2. Dirtiness

Being a dirty woman both the way you dress and where you live is a turnoff for any man. As a woman, you need to be clean.

3. Alot of insecurities and lack of trust.

Everytime your man speaks with another woman,you already suspect him to be cheating on you. Men don't like women who are so insecure and have trust issues as it leads to misunderstandings.

4. Unable to own up their mistakes.

Women who don't accept they are on the wrong are not good women to date since they will never accept correction hence no change.

5. Women are irresponsible

An irresponsible woman does not know her role in the house as well as the society hence everything will be in disorder. No man would want to live with such a woman.

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