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What women expect from men while in a relationship

It is not easy to find a good relationship whereby no one complains about each other. For a relationship to be stable then many have to be done. In this we are going to discuss what women expect from men when they are in a relationship. This includes as follows;

1Trust and faithfulness.

A man ought to be faithful to her partner so that the woman can declare her full love to him. When a man is faithful he will not cheat and therefore the woman will love him very much. Another issue is that of trust, lack of trust poor relationship but when there is trust it strengthens more.

2 Caring and loving.

This is another section where ladies like most. In this situation a woman expects a man to take her out for a dinner or to park at least to express his love. Even a man can buy the woman the gifts to show that he loves her like the clothes she likes or watches. this strengthens the bond between them.

3 Hardworking.

No woman would like to date a man who does not work hard to get daily needs . This is important because for the family have to be provided by the man and this will make it stable there fore its important to ladies.

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