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Topics That Will Save Your Relationship

When a relationship appears to be in troubleit's usually due to a breakdown in communication. Whether you're holding back what's on your mind or finishing every night with a furious fight, you need to sit down and have a good conversationevery now and againThere are talks that have the ability to rescue a relationship, and while they may be awkward to bring up at first, they make or break whetheryou stay with your partner — and it may be worth a try to get everything out in the open.

1.Limits in Relationships

"It's critical to discuss about the limits each of you has in the relationship so you can be clear about what makes each of you feel unsafe, disrespected, or disengaged," writes therapist Shadeen Francis, MFT via email. "Ask your partner, 'Are there things I could do that would make you want to end the relationship?' to start the conversation. This is a difficult topic to answer because many of us don't check in on our boundaries until we're already irritated because one has been crossed.


Issues with sex can cause major rifts between couples, whether it's a lack of desire or a failure to meet their requirements. "With all relationships, physical attraction and intimacy wane over time," Coleman notes. "However, if the couple makes an effort to keep it alive, there's no reason they can't have a great intimate life for many years." "However, if they don't discuss it up front and can't work together to find solutions, this can become a major deal breaker in the relationship, and it's also a classic reason people give for having an affair."

3.Fears in Relationships

It's not easy, but it's critical to not just talk about your fears in your relationship, but also to make strategies to alleviate those issues and to prepare for scary scenarios if they come. "Fear creates distance and might jeopardize your progress as a couple," Francis explains. "When people are terrified, they become less vulnerable and isolate themselves from their spouses. Anxiety builds up over time, and the longer it lasts, the bigger it becomes."

4.Relationship Requirements

Discuss your requirements as a couple and as individuals. "Within our relationships, we have needs that we would like to be addressed, such as safety, support, honesty, and pleasure," Francis explains. "These are the basis of your relationship, and they are our bonding requirements." In our relationships, on the other hand, we still need space to develop as people. This could manifest as a yearning for solitude, solo projects, or relationships with friends on the outside.

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