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4 Reasons Why Young Women Are Attracted To Married Men

It is not just a thing in your head, yes. Ladies are more attracted to married men than single men. And why is this the case? In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why ladies date married men.

1. With a married man, there are no strings attached. Modern ladies want to be independent and for this reason they don't want a serious relationship. They choose to date a married man as he will not be very serious with her. All they want is and emotional support. Dating a single man can develop into a serious relationship, a thing they don't want.

2. Women idealize married men. By deciding to marry, he has acepted to live with the woman. This means that he understands how women think and function. This makes married men more placed than single men.

3. Ladies love the attention they get from a married man. By accepting to be with her, he is probably risking his marriage to be with her and this excites ladies a lot. This tremendously boosts the ego of women. Also, women adore and value compliments coming from married men rather than single men.

4. As compared to single men, married men are in control of their lives more than their counterparts. Being married means that a man has his own house, a steady job and most probably financially stable.

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