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Don't get into a relationship if you have any of these happening in your life

Here are some things that are sensitive in relationships and need to be addressed before commencing on a love journey.

Financial instability

Financial stability means you're capable of taking care of bills confidently. Its instability mean that you're struggling to make ends meet. Getting into a relationship at this time will end up futile for you as you might stretch your financial capabilities to the maximum. It is important to get financially upright and lead a responsible easy relationship.

Feel lack of purpose

Lack of purpose makes you care free. You lack drive in life and go where the wind takes you. No man or woman should get into a relationship at this state, this is due to the fact that challenges that may arise from starting a family could make you depressed. Lack of money for food, lack of basic necessities could push you to the limit and make you suicidal. Find purpose, this is the drive every man and woman need.

Low self esteem

With low self esteem, you're likely to have no confidence in your plans. Relationships are about plans, life plans together and things you intend to achieve as a couple in a specified time. 

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