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Dear Women; This Is How To Deal With Persistent Admirers

It can be both flattering and uncomfortable when someone expresses extra interest in you. It can be uncomfortable when you don't like the guy in the same way. The situation can get from bad to worse when the guy is someone you see everyday, such as a friend or colleague.

If the guy can not stop asking out even after you have said no, it's time to take action. These are some of the tips you can use.

1. Keep your distance from the guy and avoid conversations with them. Try not to be alone with them. If you are working together; be polite, try to make conversations as professional as possible. Avoid unnecessary conversations with him while at the work place.

2. Always double check your feelings inorder to know whether you're just over reacting and would consider giving him a chance to get to know them better. You may end up getting yourself a very good husband in the process.

3. Let them know of why you don't want them in your life. Do not just push him away without telling him the reason. They may end up blaming themselves for your rejection and lower their self-esteem. Also be polite when you are expressing yourself because the guy is just like you and nothing else, treat them well.

4. Talk about your crush or partner when he is around. Try not over do it also. Never bring up your partner's negative qualities as this imprint an impression that you are going to break up.

5. Yes, the above tips may fail and being polite may fail and it's time to hit the with the naked truth. You have tried everything and the guy seems not to notice and get the message, tell them in their face that you are not interested in them. This will always get the job done with anyone out their, brutal honesty.

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