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Why men should reject women they do not like

Sometimes it is best to reject a woman if she is not the type you are looking for. This will prove a lot of things about you that they never knew. These are some of the reasons why you should reject a woman first.

1. It shows will power.

As a man, you need to portray masculinity and the ability to choose the woman you want. Rejecting a woman shows how powerful you are that you cannot be sweyed easy . This is because not all men get to do this because they are weak to let go of women who do not deserve them. Prove it to them that you are not just any man but a powerful one.

2. It shows self improvement.

As a man change is a very important thing in your dating life. Rejecting a woman shows that you are done chasing after women all the time. You have changed and you are not the same man you used to be in the past. When she realises this, she is going to chase after you instead.

3. It shows that you have got options.

Rejecting a woman shows that you have the ability to choose a different woman who fits your requirements. Women like a challenge and if she finds out that you are going to after a different woman, she will try to win you first.

4. It makes her approach you.

Once you reject her, she will come after you instead. This will be the perfect opportunity for her to show you that she is the perfect woman for you.

5. You get to test things out.

As a man you need to test things out and find out what you really like. This is why rejecting her first will give you the opportunity to see how women react when they get rejected by men. By doing this you get to experience both sides of the coin which is rejecting her and being rejected.

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