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"I Love You" Three Reasons Why You Should Avoid Such Words While Still Dating

1) It will cost you alot.

It's good to love somebody but do not try to reveal it to them. When you utter such a word to them, it means that you should be ready to do various responsibilities. Those responsibilities may cost you alot in one way or another. When in love, men tend to suffer alot than how women do.

So to avoid such cases, just leave her guessing. That way i am telling you there's no way she will disturb you with calls requesting certain things from you. Let your action speak louder than words. You may do certain things to a girl and feel that she is loved rather than just uttering such a word to her.

2) That will be the end of your relationship.

No one likes to be break up with the person they love. So when you aren't ready to break up then why should you tell her that you are in love with her? Good things come slow. There is nothing good like being in the friend zone. This is because she will always want to seek help from you but won't be tempted to ask for money because she has a mentality that you are her friend.

After you have just uttered the word love to her, she will start behaving differently. Her behaviours will be the main reason that will lead to you people breaking up. Prevention is better than cure. It's upon you to choose what is right at this juncture.

3) It may disappoint you.

Girls are completely unpredictable when it comes to relationship. You may think that she like you but deep down she just views you as her brother. If you want to prove it, just try to tell her that you love her. She will be mad at you and you may end up blaming yourself why you chose to make that move.

To prevent heartbreaks and disappointments, it's just good to be still. Let her be the one to tell you that she loves you. If you love her, you can accept her proposal and if you don't, just turn her down. Never allow disappointments to pull you down.

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