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Signs that you are being too needy towards a woman

Being needy is one of the things that that let a lot of men down when it comes to relationships. There are situations that a man wants a certain woman so bad that he does a lot of stupid things. These things end up making you look needy for a woman. These are some of the things that makes you look needy for a woman.

1. You are stalking her.

If you find yourself stalking a woman on all her social media then you are being needy. Stalking is also creepy as she might wonder why you are always watching her social media accounts.

2. You are saying too much.

As a man you are not supposed to say too much to a woman but you are only supposed to listen to what she tells you. Saying too much about yourself makes you look needy in the face of any woman.

3. You let her define you.

A lot of guys out their try to change for a woman to like then. This is not the right move as it shows that you are needy. Changing the way you live, your clothing style or hairstyle to impress a woman will never work. Just be yourself and let her love you for who you are.

4. You are speeding too much.

Speeding up things in a relationship is a sign of being needy. Take your time to get to know each other and creat an emotional connection before you take things forward.

5. You are irrationally jelous.

If you get irrationally jelous whenever you see the woman you like talking to another guy, then you are been need. Not all guys who talk to a woman wants her, some are just friends with her and you need to understand that.

6. You get mad at her.

Getting mad at a woman for not giving you what you want is a sign of being needy. This is also related to being insecure. You need to understand that not all women will like you and if she says no, respect her decision instead of getting mad at.

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