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10 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Serious About You

It happens in a relationship that you are not sure enough whether your partner is serious about you or not. Here are 10 signs that show that your boyfriend will marry you.

1. Makes you a priority- If your boyfriend is serious about you, he will make you a priority in his life and take good care about you in every aspect of life. He will want you to be happy forever and protect you.

2. He calls you for no reason- If your man calls you quite often just to see how excited you are on phone, then he is special because when dealing with other people he doesn't call without a good reason.

3. He gets upset when he doesn't hear from you the whole day. He always doesn't doesn't take your messages for granted. He keeps on checking his phone for your text and gets upset if he doesn't see any.

4. He loves listening to you. He loves listening to whatever you say, your interests and whatever that makes you happy.

5. He asks for your opinion and values. He will always ask you to support him in all what he does. He always ask for your opinions before coming to a final decision.

6. He is transparent about his routine. He will always tell you about his daily routine and what his day holds for him.

7. He is always there when you need him. He always cares and cares about you and always tries to protect you from whatever problems you face.

8. He checks with you before making any plans. Before making any plans, he will make sure that you are also comfortable with them. He believes in coming to a decision only after both of you of you are okay with the idea.

9. He takes care of you when you are sick. Incase you fall sick, he considers being around you than anything else. He takes good care of you and tries not to fail it.

10. He introduces you to his family and friends. He will take his pride in introducing you to his family and friends. He doesn't shy walking around with you.

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