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2 Smart Ways to Handle Your Blessing

2 Smart Ways to Handle Your Blessing

God blesses his people whom he loves, he blessed Abraham, Jacob and others according to the holy bible. He can also bless you today since you are what God says you are, you are a winner and not a loser.

He says he will make you the head and not the tail. If you are going to be blessed on a greater level you will be persecuted on a greater level hence you need forbearance.

1 Handle the Persecution

If God is going to bless you, you must be ready to handle the persecution. Jesus told his disciples in Mark 10 anything you give for my sake you will receive in this life a hundredfold return with persecution. The lord is going to bless you, but with that blessing it’s going to come opposition, jealousy, criticism and people that are not for you.

Everyone is not going to celebrate your success, all your friends will not be happy when you get that promotion. The favor on your life will stir up the competition and envy in certain people: Do not get upset it is not about you but the blessing on your life. If you handle the persecution then God will trust you with the blessing.

You have to pass the test of overlooking insults, ignoring what people are saying, not paying attention to the critics those trying to discredit you. They would not be talking if you are not making a difference, if you are not a leader or shining brightly. Let God deal with the naysayers and take care of those who are trying to make you look bad. Some people cannot handle your success: They have no problem as long as you are at their level; same department, single like them, same neighborhood but when you are greatly blessed they are not okay with you.

2 Never IGet Offended

Your time is too valuable to think about what people say about you, your assignment is too important to try and convince everyone to like you. Do not waste your time and energy looking into people but look to God.

People can get jealous, moody and disappointing. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, it was a great miracle but the leaders in the synagogue were jealous and plotted to kill Jesus. Dot get upset when people turn on you, don’t be revengeful but ignore it and keep shining and God will take care of the offenders.

There will be occasion for offense in every relationship; marriage or business. You must make up your mind as a choice that the blessings that I seek to receive from the relationships that God is bringing in my life is greater than any offense. If you want to handle your blessing avoid being offended because it makes you cheap.


If you observe the above two ways of how to handle your blessing you will become an outstanding and strong believer in God. You have to understand that not everyone in your life can be you or be like you and be tolerant.

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