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Meet This Couple That Have Stayed Married And Faithful For Over 100-Years

Love is a beautiful thing and when you meet this old man who is 131-years-old while his wife wife claims that she does not know her age all she remembers is when she was going to school at a young age, will leave you believing in love. They narrate how they have stayed in marriage for all those years and still being faithful to one another.

Despite them being very poor and being called names by the villagers they never gave up on each other they even say that those things made them stronger which they still do. They manage to enjoy each and every moment they spend together. They say that one main thing that kept them together is their relationship with God, they always put God first and pray to God about everything that they do.

They get to tell us that to their tradition marriage was arranged, and their parents arranged for their marriage even without them knowing each other. And they mages to stay happily married despite the common ups and downs, they have children who also brought forth grandchildren, who now help them with basic needs.

They are helped by strangers who don't often visit they are given money and goods but they say their love for each other is higher than the money and food despite their difficult situation. Surprising they have never slept on a mattress, they use banana leaves for comfort.

They stated that loving each other truly and having respect is what keeps marriage going and they feel bad seeing marriages don't work anymore, they say they love spending the last days they have on each other arms, as they do not work due to being very weak.

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