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These Signs Prove that you Could be More Than Friends

Sometimes our bond with a certain friend becomes so deep that we cannot live without him/her. You at times doubt your relationship whether it is just friendship or much more.

Talking everyday

You contact each other but not every few days. It has become your daily ritual that you have to speak to him or her or else you won't be able to sleep.

You are there in every conversation

When we like someone we involuntarily and automatically mention the person in every conversation  indication as to what he/she feels about you.

They keep saying they are single

Now not in a complaining way, but often a person who wants you to see him/her in a different way, keeps repeating that he /she is right there in front of you, single, with puppy eyes. They are saying that they want you to do something about it, make a move, but not directly.

Spending a lot of time together

You two do things that normally couples do. Spend more than the required normal time together. 

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