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Scientific proven signs that someone has a crush on you

1. Their cheeks are flushed.

This is one of the most telltale signs of a crush. If you notice that a person’s cheeks get a little pink, or even bright red when they are around you, that likely means they have a crush on you. This is due to adrenaline, which causes increased blood flow to the cheeks.

2. They shake when you are around them.

If you notice that they shake or tremble more when around you, they might have a crush on you. This is simply due to nerves or anxiety because they like you so much.

3. Their pupils are dilated.

When somebody likes us, their pupils tend to dilate. This is subtler, and you will have to look into their eyes to pick up on it. When we are attracted to someone, we unconsciously open our eyes wider so we can see things better and get to know the person better.

4. They sweat a lot.

Some people are naturally sweaty, so this does not always mean they have a crush on you. However, sweating can be a definite sign of someone who has a crush on you. The person may not be sweating, rather they are just hotter than normal. This may be noticeable if you are close to them.

5. They have a rapid heartbeat.

This is difficult to discern by looking at someone. But if you happen to be pressed against them you may feel their heart racing. Also, you may notice rapid pulsations in their neck coming from the carotid artery.

6. Your palms tend to be sweaty.

If you find that your palms are sweaty when you lay your eyes on someone you like, it may be a physiological sign of a crush. When you are excited, the hormones dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine combine to produce those feelings of excitement. Norepinephrine is the particular source of your sweaty palms when you see someone you like.

7. Have butterflies in the stomach

That feeling of butterflies in your stomach is a common physiological sign that you have a crush on someone. The neurons that line your gut means your stomach is connected to the nervous system.

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