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How To Know If A Lady Admires You But She Is Hiding Her Feelings

If a woman is really in love with a man, it is likely that she will keep her feelings hidden from him for an extended period of time. 

This is due to the fact that women do not want to appear nave or desperate in their search for love. 

Rarely will a woman approach a man and ask him out on a date because she likes him that much. 

The most she'll do is make a small gesture to let him know she's thinking about him. 

It's possible that the woman who is secretly enamored with you is the type of woman you will adore as well. 

It's possible you have a female buddy who's being evasive. It's possible she's trying to keep her affections for you a secret. 

To find out whether a lady admires you but doesn't want you to know about it, follow these tips. 

She has regard for you. 

When she's talking to you or about you, she treats you with respect. 

She's always there to lend you a sympathetic ear when you need it. 

When you talk to her, she doesn't get upset or complain about your words or actions. 

She enjoys making physical contact with you. 

When she's chatting to you, she'll reach out and touch your hand or arm to get your attention. She'll extend her hands to shake yours on occasion. 

When she sees you, she breaks into a big smile. 

Whenever she sees you, she gets a little thrilled. A small smile is all she needs to acknowledge your presence. 

She Attempts To Impress You. She makes an effort to impress you in all that she says and does. So if she learns that you are the type of person who prefers women who are fluent in English, she will alter her speech pattern to match yours. 

She laughs at your jokes

Even if your jokes aren't humorous, she'll laugh at them anyhow. She always has a smile on her face and a pleasant attitude when she's around you.

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