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3 Secrets That You Should Never Tell Your Wife No Matter How Much You Love Her

In marriage there are some secrets that you should never tell your wife no matter how much you are in love with her. This is because there's always ups and downs. People also change and they might use your secrets against you. The following are some of the secrets that you should never tell your wife.

1.Never tell her you weaknesses.

You might love your wife so much but never trust her with your weaknesses. You may wrong her one day while in marriage.She might decide to use your weaknesses to revenge on you. You just need to be very careful when telling her your inner secrets.

2.Never tell her the number of woman you have slept with.

This is another thing that you should never tell your wife. Especially if the number is many. It hurts like nothing else. As a gentleman if she asks you about the number of ladies you've slept with, you'll be forced to lie if they are many. Telling her the truth will only put your relationship at risk.

3.Never give her negative compliments.

Negative compliments are one of the things that has made many women to cheat. Every Lady is beautiful on her own way. Telling her that she looks ugly will lower her self-esteem and if she finds someone who compliments her positively, she will either dump or cheat on you.

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