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Is It Possible To Find A Couple Who Do Not Argue?

It is unlikely,in fact, the happiest couples are precisely those who know how to argue without psychologically ripping their spouses apart. Those couples who split up for extreme reasons such as violence, unfaithfulness,the use of alcohol and drugs and so on,are in fact,a minority. Many separations an divorces are due to the onset of many conflicts and the couple's inability to find a solution.

Sometimes,even though the problems encountered have a clear and reasonable solution, the couple is without sufficient emotional reserves to resolve the conflict. In such cases they need a neutral outsider ( a marriage counselor, for example) who can lead them, step by step, towards a solution to their problem. On the other occasions, however,a couple who wishes to find a solution is more than capable of finding it for themselves.

Given that it is practically impossible to find a conflict-free couple,we should ask ourselves the question: How can we resolve conflicts in a civilized manner? Many husbands will agree that it is harder to negotiate with their wives over some household issue than to carry out negotiations for an important commercial contract. The fundamental reason is that when there is intimacy in the negotiation it becomes charged with sentiment and emotion.But in order to resolve problems and troubles,a dose of logic is required, which is incompatible with feelings.

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