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Early marriage and abortion

Many girls and boys nowadays seems to practice early marriages and these results to abortion.

There are various causes which leads to this problems.First,it is matters concerning school dropouts.Many teens in the country have decided not to acquire education which is the key to success.After making their mind not to go to school,many of them seems to have a decision in marrying or getting married.This therefore results to early marriages are afterwards incase of pregnancy some of the girls go for abortion because they can't afford the parental care.

Secondly, poor parental guidance is another thing which leads to early marriages.Some parents are not able to guide and council their children concerning good morals.As a result of this, children are not able to differentiate what is good at a particular time.These may make one have a bad decision.

Lastly is community view pertaining girls.Some of the communities sees girls as a source of children.This may make one get married early because they are only seen as a source of children.

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