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How To Know Your Man Loves You

Many people find themselves in a situation where they are not sure of the feelings of their partners. They spend most of the time asking themselves whether their boyfriend's loves them them genuinely or they are just flirting with the. If you're that kind of person don't worry I have a solution to your answers.

1. If your man shows you respect then he genuinely loves you. A man may show respect by listening to you attentively, involving you in decision making, he introduces you to his family and friends as his girlfriend or wife and he can never allow anybody to make fun of you.

2. Another sign that your man loves you is by putting you first. Whatever he does your feelings and happiness is his top priority, he can never do anything that could hurt your feelings.

3. If he makes efforts to fix relationship problems or change his behavior for the better then he loves you. A man who doesn't love you would do anything to irritate you and find excuses to leave you.

4. A man who introduces you to his important people then he has a great affection for you. It means he is proud to have you and he has better plans for you in future, but if he hides you from meeting his important people then your relationship is just for a short period.

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