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Can You Date A Woman Living With HIV When You Are HIV Negative? Kenyans’ Opinion


HIV and dating is a sensitive topic that many people avoid to discuss. The big question has been whether a HIV negative person can date and marry a person living the virus?

The question is too sensitive considering that one has to live with the condition throughout their lifetime unless a miracle happens and cure is detected.

In Kenya there are many couple are both living with the condition or where one of the partner has the condition. This can be explained through a conspiracy theory that suggest that majority of people manage to hide their status when dating only for the secret to be identified years later when they are deep the marriage.


At this point you have no other choice than to accept that your partner is living with HIV. Women sometime are vulnerable to compromise to accepting that their partner are HIV positive. For men, the issue is still debatable.

This begs the question whether men can really accept to date women whom that they know are living with the condition and proceed to the marriage stage. Kenyans on Twitter have been on this question and their opinion was so intriguing.

Some who said that they can marry a woman living with HIV said they can only do so only when they themselves are HIV positive.

In this current age and time, bio-technological enhancement has managed to produce drugs such as ARVs that can suppress the viral load of HIV. When this drugs are religiously adhered to, the viral load becomes suppressed to a point that the virus cannot be detected.

What is your opinion on this sensitive topic? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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