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7 Common Reasons Men Dumb Good Girls.

Breakups are so difficult to deal with. Anyone can understand that it can be hard to rationalize a breakup because of all the emotional turmoil that consumes a person's entire being. However, a time comes for you to face the facts and come to the realization that your relationship wasn't perfect. You were a good girl, right? Did you try your best to be good to your man? So what went wrong? How come you didn't see it coming? Here's reasons why.

1. It's either you had too much confidence or too little of it. A man can dumb a good girl who is too sure of herself at the same time, he can also get tired of a good girl who doesn't have to confidence to put her inner self on display for all to see.

2. He may be choosing his friends over you and it's totally beyond your control. You are a perfectly good girl in his eyes and he loves you, but if his friends tell him otherwise, then that's bad news for you.

3. Maybe he's not too fond of the people you surround yourself with. Social circles are important to him and he doesn't want to put you in the position to choose between him and your friends.

4. Perhaps all he really needs is a bad girl who can make his heart skip a beat every time they're together. In this case, your good girl nature betrayed you. He found you to be too far on the safe side of the spectrum and he thinks there could be no excitement in a future spent with you.

5. When things between the both of you start getting really serious, it might scare him off. It's not your fault entirely. He's not ready for commitment and so he dumped you. You are a good girl who just happened to get into a relationship with a cowardly man.

6. Family is always an important aspect of relationships and can play a role in your separation. Maybe he doesn't feel like he can fit in or adapt to your family. Perhaps his family doesn't want to welcome you into their circle. Either way, your good girl image has nothing to do with it.

7. Maybe he has issues with your self-dependence nature. Sadly, not all men are attracted to strong and independent women. Some men still subscribe to the outdated states of mind wherein women should be submissive. He would rather break up with you because he wants to be a provider and you're just not having it.

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