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4 Habits That Will Keep You Single Forever

By consylukayu

If you are not your own person, when you have lost or given up on the idea of me and channelled all your energy on we the relationship is doomed.

Here are habits that can keep you single forever;

1• You are not pursuing your passions_ When you stop pursuing your passions, you can lose your identity. It's fine to develop new hobbies and passions over time, but not having any is a slow relationship killer.

2• You don't have goals_Lack of personal goals rips away other's motivation in you.People respect you for trying to achieve things.

Continue to grow as an individual while growing together as a couple.Have self check in to track the progress of personal goals.

Brvin tune with your needs and ensure they are continuously being realized.

3• You've grown complacency in relationships_ Your focus is on avoiding it with each other,as partners.Ehether you are still going on date nights, planning surprises for each other, having passionate sex.All that is important too, but being complacent with yourself is often ignored.

Complacency in a relationship reflects feeling so satisfied and secure that you think you don't need to try any harder.Never stop learning how to be better for yourself.Ehen you stop challenging yourself; your life becomes a routine.

4•You stop being a good friend to your friends_ How you treat your friends say alot about you.For some couple, things work great with common friends but so much with individual friends.Expecting your partner to be always friends with your friends is unhealthy.But, not nurturing those relationships yourself is bad too.

Oftentimes people focus too much on being good friends with their partner's friends.lts a great joy to get a tick off approval from them, but don't lose your champions in the process.

How you treat yourself has a bigger role in your relationship and overall life.So, are you channeling all your efforts in to we or do you still prioritize me? I hope you never fall out of love with yourself, thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Consylukayu (via Opera News )


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