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Husband and wife relationship

"My Husband Chased Me Away And After 2 Days He Had Married Another Woman" Woman Emotionally Narrates

Marriage is a life time reunion and every couple expects a bright future ahead after marriage but to Joyce Wambui everything turned worse after she got married.

Joyce Wambui got married immediately after she completed her studies where she claims she really loved her husband and therefore she decided to get married to him at a young age.

She claims her marriage life was good at first but things turned to worse after she decided to start a business something that disappointed her parents inlaw and they even tried to separate them.

Joyce and her husband were chased away by her inlaws and they started a new life elsewhere and they managed to put up a shop and a barber shop and their lives changed to better.

Joyce was not aware that this was going to be the start of her downfall. Her husband started cheating on her and he would give out all the money to his family secretly.

Joyce claims one of the family member informed her that her husband was planning to marry another wife and also grab all the businesses and later leave her to suffer.

The news shocked Joyce and that's how she decided to start saving money for her kids in secret and this annoyed her husband to a point of threatening to kill her.

Joyce claims she decided to leave her husband after he threatened to burn her with hot water and this is how she ended her marriage and after two days he had already married another woman.

She has gone ahead urging married women to always run away if a marriage does not work instead of forcing a marriage and then one ends up being killed.


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Joyce Joyce Wambui


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