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Tips to love and stick by someone who feels unworthy:

The woman who has battled some sort of traumatic event in the past, has been emotionally neglected, verbally or sexually abused, or just beaten down by a society that puts too much emphasis on outward appearance.

If you happen to feel unworthy and you feel you don’t deserve love or respect, my heart goes out to you. It’s a lousy, empty feeling for sure. But I want to encourage you, because you can begin a new journey inward to get to the root of such feelings. You can unearth the junk or wounds that are blocking your amazing beauty residing at your core. You can awaken to the reality that you are not only worthy of abundant, magnificent love, you are loved!

The following are the tips that will help you:

Show her unconditional love.

Unconditional means having no conditions. If she keeps her heart locked, love her anyway. If she won’t open up when you want her to, love her anyway. If she tells you that you should leave her alone, love her anyway. Authentic love keeps loving even when conditions don’t suit you. Unconditional love may eventually break her walls down one brick at a time. Don’t take everything so personal. Be confident in yourself and just love.

Be realistic.

Maybe she will never feel worthy of love. We don’t know. If this is the case, you must be realistic. It’s not your fault and if she is the object of your romantic affection, you might seriously have to move it along at some point. Not every cold heart will be melted warm. Not every hurt woman will do the work required to heal. There’s no shame in being honest with yourself and your loved one when you feel you’re no longer compatible the way things are going.

Give her some space.

Be patient and let her have a little room to breathe. If you start demanding, 'you have to do this…' she may freak out and shut down. Again, be patient. She is fragile. She is aware of her vulnerability and she needs you to be delicate with her.

Let her figure things out.

No one could make me feel worthy and loved. Sure, people loved me. My family, friends, and partner. They adored me, but I couldn’t feel it. Why? I didn’t really love myself. I hated when people would say, “You can’t really love others well until you love yourself first.” While I do believe we can love others even when we loathe ourselves, I also believe that the quality of that love can become so amazing the more we adore ourselves. Let her figure things out. Let her let you in slowly. She is not going to thrust open the gates in a moment. Earn her trust and trust the process of it all.

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