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Dating Romantic

Bitter Truths Of Life That Every Person Should Know

1.The first truth is about love.Many love- relationships fail because we have made materialism more important than everything else. Consequently, we are shocked when everything else fails.We are left with the truth of chasing pretended fun.

2.Do not look for a ton of friends.Instead, look for a few friends who are smarter and better than you.Friends who will not be afraid of hurting by telling you the truth.People who can come to your rescue when they sense that you are going downhill.

3.Some things you have to fight for.Others you have to let them go.What is yours will come back to you.What doesn't come back to you didn't belong to you in the first place.

4.Your enemy will always be your best friend.They will wait for their best moments to pounce on you when you least expect.Some will always spread rumors about you.Some may be even be at your work place.They are always there waiting for you to die so that they may take your position.

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