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Divorce Affair

"I Lifted My Husband From Grass To Grace But He Married Two Days After Our Divorce" Woman Narrates

A lady identified as Lucy married her husband when he had nothing. However, after some years, she started a business of distributing arrowroots from the village to Nairobi.

With time, her business thrived and she started a general shop for her husband. She also purchased household items and her family started living comfortably.

Sadly, her husband's family started turning against her. They said she was getting rich because of witchcraft. They incited her husband against her.

With time, her husband took their advice. Their once flawless marriage became rocky and her husband started cheating on her.

One day, her husband chased her away with two children. Lucy got depressed when she remembered that she had lifted the man from grace to grass. 

Two days after their divorced, the man married again. Lucy remembers she got out of her home with nothing including all the household items she had bought.

God blessed her again and right now, she is a thriving business lady and has managed to raise her two children comfortably. She used her story to encourage women to always trust in God.

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Grace Grass Lucy Nairobi


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