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Do This to Make Her Think About You Non-Stop

Sometimes you can make a woman think about you non-stop by doing these simple things.

1. Do not hang around her too much.

As much as she loves spending time with you, she also wants some space. Give your woman some space for her to miss you even for a while. This will make her think about you all the time.

2. Make sure you flirt with her.

Flirting with a woman will always leave a good impression on her eyes. Do not be a boring guy that she does not want to spend her time with. Flirt with her whenever she is around you as this will make her think about you all the time.

3. Look your absolute best.

Every woman loves to see her man dressed in a nice outfits. Put on something that fits your body and makes you look strong and masculine. This is because it will be impossible for her to forget that look on her eyes when she sees you.

4. Use a sweet fragrance.

A nice smile always leaves a good impression on a woman's mind. Make sure you use a sweet fragrance when you are around the woman you like. This will make her want to spend more time with you. She will always be thinking about how good you smell whenever you are around her.

5. Know her interests.

Women love it when a man shows interest in the things she does. This will make her think about you as a gentleman who cares for her happiness.

6. Show your forearms.

Put on a shirt or t-shirt that exposes your forearms. This is because she will keep on thinking about those vein that run under your skin non-stop.

7. Listen carefully.

Be a man who is always ready to hear a woman's thoughts. Women love men who can listen to them and be appreciative. This will make her think about how nice and supportive you are to her all the time.

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