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The Habits Of Men That Women Hate Soo Much.

There are many grooming habits that men think makes them look attractive. But the truth is, most men don't know what women want or what women love. The reason for this is because men's style can sometimes be hard to perfect. It's not easy to figure out how to dress well, which is why most men can use as many grooming tips as they can get. The problem is alot if the time, those grooming habits actually turn women off. We know that it's hard to understand the opposite sex when it comes to being attractive, so we are here to help some of you men out how to dress well and stay attractive.

Dirty fingernails, men think that leaving some dirt underneath their fingers makes them appear strong and tough. They think "I am a man who isn't afraid to get dirty", and that must be a turn on for a woman. But when a woman holds their partner's hand they don't want to look down and see dirty fingernails. It's a major turnoff so make sure you clean those finger next time. Women love a man who can keep himself looking fresh and clean, so remember that.Sandpaper lips, a lot of men think that using chapstick or lip balm is something only women do. The fact is, women love it when their man has soft lips to kiss. No woman wants to kiss a man who has rough and chapped lips. The next time you are at the store pick up some chapstick, this will make all the a difference to her.

Extremely baggy jeans, there has been a rising trend in men who are wearing super baggy jeans. When women see men wearing these super baggy jeans, they don't find them attractive at all. If you are a guy that wears these jeans, think about switching it up.Not using Q-tips, this is a grooming habit that people if both sexes find repulsive. If you are a guy who doesn't clean out his ear wax, you better start doing it now. Women hate it when they look at the side of your face only to find a thick ear wax inside. It doesn't take long to clean your ears out with a Q-tip.

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